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Welcome to Eathority, the resource for people who want to feel better about their bodies and food choices, so they can live better. 

Carolina (Carol) Guizar is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist specializing in intuitive eating coaching and IBS management. Her goal is to help you feel at peace with eating and your body. In a world full of health confusion, Carol helps you sort through the misinformation, eat more joyfully, and apply nutrition guidelines in ways that are gentle, non-restrictive and health-promoting. She is based in New York City and provides in-person and virtual nutrition coaching.

intuitive eating dietitian nutritionist

Intuitive Eating Coach

Carol, an intuitive eating dietitian, knows that diets suck, and diets don’t work. With Carol, you will establish healthy behaviors and free yourself from restrictions and worrying about the number on the scale. You will learn how to trust yourself around your favorite foods, find satisfaction and enjoyment in your eating habits, and ditch the food rules that create unnecessary confusion and guilt. She provides respectful care to people of all sizes.

IBS Nutritionist

Digestive discomfort is a bummer, but relief is possible. Talk to Carol, an IBS nutritionist, to learn about what non-diet steps you can take before going down the low FODMAP route. Together, we will get to the root of what's triggering your symptoms and help you live a life that doesn't revolve around IBS.

NYC dietitian nutritionist

The Eathority Story

Looking for an anti-diet nutritionist who might empathize with your food fears and body image struggles? There was a time Carol did not eat foods like pasta, dairy, and sweets because diet culture taught her to fear and avoid them. She understands the guilt and frustration many people experience in today’s climate of confusion. You can trust her to help navigate your food and body image concerns.

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