Hi! My name is Carolina Guizar, and I am a Health at Every Size (HAES) registered dietitian nutritionist. 

My goal is to help you feel less confusion and shame around eating and your body, and to support you in becoming your own Eathority: an authority on your own body and eating.

I will help you sort through the misinformation, eat more joyfully, and apply nutrition information in ways that are gentle, non-restrictive and health-promoting—for whatever health means to you.

I practice from a weight-neutral framework to help guide you back towards your body, and away from rigid food and movement rules.

I am based in New York City and provide virtual nutrition coaching for intuitive eating, body image healing, eating disorders, IBS, SIBO, PCOS, gestational diabetes, prediabetes, type II diabetes, and heart disease.

I also provide clinical supervision to health care providers and am available for speaking engagements and presentations.

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Move towards more flexibility and gentleness in your relationship with food and your body

Create a fuller, gentler life that is free of rigid food and movement rules

Digestive discomfort is a bummer, but relief from IBS and SIBO is possible

Manage your PCOS without sacrificing enjoyment and peace around food

Keep baby healthy with less anxiety and without deprivation

Approach your heart health or diabetes with flexibility

Gain more clinical confidence and knowledge with a Latina HAES dietitian

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“Working with Carol has been a true game changer in how I interact with food and my body on a daily basis. She has offered new language and coping techniques that have given me tools to consistently move towards body peace and an intuitive relationship with food and movement. Most of all, her sessions have provided a completely non-judgmental and safe space to work through my personal issues around food and body image. She has had a kind, warm, and supportive energy in every meeting of ours, and shows an immense amount of ever-growing knowledge as a HAES dietitian.”

Kelsey, Brooklyn

“I was searching for a HAES, culturally-sensitive nutritionist to help me put intuitive eating principles into practice and support me through the work of improving my relationship with food and my body. I am so grateful that I found Carol – the work we’ve done together has been truly transformative for me. Carol is a caring and compassionate expert – I fully appreciate the knowledge, understanding, experience, and sense of humor she brings to our sessions. I can’t thank her enough for how much she has helped me dig deeper and address some of the root causes of my food and body image issues, all while normalizing and validating the cultural context that has impacted me and my journey”

Emmy, NYC

“I’ve struggled with IBS for a number of years, and Carol was the first nutritionist I’ve worked with who actually helped me alleviate my most uncomfortable symptoms. I find myself afraid to eat foods I love because I’m anxious and scared of how my body will react. Of course, this also plays a critical role in my body image. In our first session, I explained that I am not comfortable in my body as a result of my symptoms, and that it completely clouds how I view my body. In just a few sessions we’ve reduced my bloating pain and have made more progress in my recovery than I ever expected. I am so grateful for how Carol is helping me rediscover comfort in my body, both mentally and physically.”

Jordan, Manhattan

“Working with Carol has been instrumental in my eating disorder recovery and transition to intuitive eating. Her charismatic and personal approach to nutritional counseling quickly made me feel comfortable sharing my story, which has not always felt easy to do with other dietitians. She encourages vulnerability through empathy and supports me to make nutritional decisions for my physical and mental health. Carol’s passion for Health at Every Size and active work to dismantle the oppressive tenants of diet culture are invigorating. Because of her, I am determined to understand and approach food and body image issues within my own Latinx experience, as well as through the lens of social justice and collective cultural trauma. I continue to learn so much from Carol’s expertise and look forward to every session with her!

Monica, New Jersey

“My work with Carol has been transformative! As someone navigating the emotionally and physically painful road of eating disorder recovery, I have appreciated Carol’s empathetic, compassionate, and informed approach to care. Although we constantly talk about serious issues, I leave my appointments genuinely smiling and feeling like I have a solid plan to keep me on the path to recovery and holistic, weight-neutral health. Carol goes above and beyond to find resources for whatever problem is ailing me, and I feel like I can be completely open and honest with her. She is a genuine treasure in this field, and I count myself lucky to be in her care!”

Mary, Long Island City

“I worked with Carol for several months to navigate the low FODMAP diet for post-infectious IBS. At first a glance, the diet seemed very complicated. Thankfully, Carol is well-versed in the low FODMAP plan and proved to be a tremendous resource to me. Carol created a plan tailored to my dietary preferences and helped me find ways to better integrate the low FODMAP plan into my lifestyle.”

Sandra, Manhattan

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