Eating Disorders

Eating disorder recovery

Learning to feel at peace around food and your body can be a challenge in our society. As a Health at Every Size (HAES) eating disorder dietitian, I am here to help you navigate any difficulties around eating and moving your body so you can cultivate a more peaceful relationship with food and your body.

My approach centers on HAES principles, and I firmly believe that all bodies are worthy of respectful care. I provide a warm, judgement-free environment where you can share your body’s story and talk about any fears and challenges you have in navigating the world. 


A HAES eating disorder dietitian can help

Together we will decide what you need to feel best supported in your recovery. Our work will include: 

  • Letting go of restriction and food rules at a pace that feels tolerable 
  • Eating more flexibly with less guilt and shame
  • Addressing digestive issues
  • Moving your body in ways that promote connection and respect
  • Navigating challenging body image days
  • Connecting with your core values
  • Defining health on your own terms

I take a team approach and will happily connect with your therapist, psychiatrist, and medical team to coordinate your care. If you do not have a team in place, I can provide you with trusted referrals to help you build a care team with whom you feel comfortable, safe, and heard. 


Are we a good fit for one another?

I work with adults 18 years or older who have the following eating concerns:

  • Anorexia nervosa
  • Binge eating disorder
  • Bulimia nervosa
  • Orthorexia

Finding a dietitian who you connect with is an important part of your path towards food and body peace. I work in partnership with my clients and meet you where you are in your recovery.

You will get to know me and my approach in our first few sessions, and there is no pressure to continue working with me if you feel we are not a good fit for one another.

If you think you may have an eating disorder but are unsure, I am happy to meet with you to better understand your concerns. 

Carolina Guizar is a virtual HAES eating disorder dietitian in New York City. Photo depicts the Eathority logo.

“Working with Carol has been instrumental in my eating disorder recovery and transition to intuitive eating. Her charismatic and personal approach to nutritional counseling quickly made me feel comfortable sharing my story, which has not always felt easy to do with other dietitians. She encourages vulnerability through empathy and supports me to make nutritional decisions for my physical and mental health. Carol’s passion for Health at Every Size and active work to dismantle the oppressive tenants of diet culture are invigorating. Because of her, I am determined to understand and approach food and body image issues within my own Latinx experience, as well as through the lens of social justice and collective cultural trauma. I continue to learn so much from Carol’s expertise and look forward to every session with her!

Monica, New Jersey

“My work with Carol has been transformative! As someone navigating the emotionally and physically painful road of eating disorder recovery, I have appreciated Carol’s empathetic, compassionate, and informed approach to care. Although we constantly talk about serious issues, I leave my appointments genuinely smiling and feeling like I have a solid plan to keep me on the path to recovery and holistic, weight-neutral health. Carol goes above and beyond to find resources for whatever problem is ailing me, and I feel like I can be completely open and honest with her. She is a genuine treasure in this field, and I count myself lucky to be in her care!”

Mary, Long Island City

Meeting Frequency

At the start of our work together, we will meet weekly until you feel more stable and secure in your recovery. 


Pricing is as follows:

  • $300 for 75-min initial assessment
  • $200 for 45-min follow-ups

These fees cover all outside-of-session time spent coordinating care with your treatment team.

Sliding Scale

A limited number of sliding scale rates are available for BIPOC folks who demonstrate financial need. All sliding scale slots are full at this time.

Virtual Sessions

Meetings take place via secure video --- no travel necessary.

Appointment Hours

  • Tuesday-Thursday: 9am-5pm
Carolina Guizar is the best online HAES nutritionist for eating disorder recovery in New York City. Photo depicts a calendar.

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Please note: a credit card is required to book your first appointment. Cancellations and reschedules must be made 72-business hours in advance to avoid a full fee charge.

Intake forms must be completed at least 72-business hours in advance or the appointment slot will be cancelled.

Eating Disorder FAQs

An eating disorder is a life-threatening mental health condition that is characterized by eating and exercise patterns and body image concerns that significantly interfere with your normal, regular functioning. Eating disorder behaviors can include severe food restriction, chewing and spitting of food, bingeing, and purging with laxatives, excessive exercise, or vomiting. These behaviors can present an acute threat to your physical health, and significantly impact your mental health.

A chronic dieter is someone who struggles with feeling at peace around food and struggles with their body image, but their eating and exercise patterns are not an acute threat to their physical health. You may experience significant distress related to eating and your body, and your behaviors may interrupt some of your family and social life.

If you feel you relate more to being a chronic dieter, visit my page on Intuitive Eating for coaching options I offer there.

I hear this. Recovery can be confusing and challenging because parts of you don’t want to change, but you may also have other parts that are tired or scared of the path you are currently on. Taking the step to pursue recovery is hard and together we will work to understand how to best empower the part of you that wants to recover.

Not knowing what will happen to your body as you recover from an eating disorder is incredibly scary. While I don’t know what will happen to your body, I can promise you that I will be there to support you through challenging days where you struggle with eating and your body image.

Recovering from an eating disorder is uncomfortable and scary.

Together, we will start exploring your food and exercise rules, and each week we will set manageable goals to work towards more flexibility in your eating and with movement.

You will examine the self-talk that goes on in your head and how this influences your self-perception and your relationship to the outside world. 

We will also talk about how to turn down the volume on your body criticism so you can start to access more body neutrality and appreciation. 

Over time, you will take steps towards trusting yourself to meet your body’s physical and emotional needs. 

As you begin to trust your intuition, you spend less time obsessing about food and your body. You learn how to validate yourself and rely less on others’ opinions of you. You become more comfortable advocating for your needs and you have more time to focus on the things you love in life.

General FAQs

Sessions occur on a weekly basis to start. If you have financial considerations, we can reassess the frequency of sessions after our first four weeks together.

Sessions take place by secure video.

During the first session, we will discuss your eating history, how you feel about food and your body and any other relevant information you feel comfortable discussing. Depending on what your concerns are in session, you decide what manageable goals you want to set for the following session.

In follow-up sessions, you are free to discuss any successes or challenges since the previous meeting or any topic that feels pressing to you that day.

Several insurers have recently decreased their reimbursement rates for dietitians. Because of this, I have made the difficult decision to stop accepting insurance. 

I offer various package and payment options that we can discuss.

Please contact your insurer to inquire about out-of-network coverage using the questions in this out-of-network form. I will provide you with a superbill after each session to submit to your insurer for possible reimbursement.

Yes! If you want to get to know me and my style and/or you are unsure if you have an eating disorder, single initial consultation sessions are available. 

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