Fairfax Restaurant Review

Fairfax Restaurant Review

Important note: Since this review was written, I have changed my approach from weight management to Health at Every Size and intuitive eating. The recommendations here were intended for the pursuit of weight loss, an approach that is no longer aligned with my beliefs and brand. Keep this in mind as you read through the post.

Fairfax Restaurant Review

Welcome to the first official post: Fairfax restaurant review! Last week I was inspired to visit Fairfax, formerly known as Perla. For those who know me, Perla’s Cacio e Pepe was a preview of what heaven should be. When the owner decided to convert Perla to Fairfax, I was crushed. Maybe I was little angry because I didn’t visit Fairfax until last week (sorry, James!). A picture of their breakfast on Instagram moved me to end the blockade and revisit the space now known as Fairfax. I was not disappointed, but RIP that Cacio e Pepe.

The details

Location: West Village, 234 W. 4th Street, New York, NY, 10014 

Menu: November 2017

Price: $$

Service Reviewed: brunch or weekday breakfast

Vibe: chill, relaxed but you can have a conversation at a regular volume; service is hands-off, so you can come here to really settle in and work or relax

Good For: casual brunch, working breakfast, breakfast meeting, staycation reading spot, hangout for a friend in town while you’re at work

Standout Dish: Danish Breakfast

Intuitive Eats: choose the eggs for comfort; grapefruit, yogurt or gravlax if you need to feel light and refreshed

Health Rating:

Overall Rating: 3 (Awesome).

The wrap-up

I hope you enjoyed this quick Fairfax restaurant review! The food is creative and delicious, and you won't leave disappointed. Or hungry.

Eathority Approved Eats


Ask For…

Petite Omelet+

Extra cauliflower

Danish Breakfast+

Small serving of butter, extra cucumber

Avocado Toast

Extra radish



2 Eggs Any Style*

Switch out butter for olive oil

Ronnybrook Yogurt

Extra chia seeds


Ratings Key

(sans tips, alcohol)
$ = $15 and under
$$ = $15-$30
$$$ = $30-$55
$$$$ = $55 and over
Intuitive Eats
Foods recommended for your mood or how you want to feel
Health Rating
 Not so healthy restaurant
  Healthyish restaurant
 Healthy restaurant
IBS Rating
*  IBS-friendly
+  Mostly IBS-friendly, one item may be moderate or high FODMAP
Overall Rating
(value, taste)
1 = Meh
2 = Good
3 = Awesome
4 = Amazing

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  1. Hi Carol, thanks for this fantastic review, love your rating system, it is the most informative and is in simple terms because I know we all have been there eating at a place and unable to decide how to rate it. You are a true critic with food and its nutrient value being the core focus of your work. I guess an “affordable healthyish restaurant” is a good start if I decide to eat there but I shall look for your recommendations on “affordable healthy restaurant”

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