IBS Management

Go with your Gut is designed to help you find relief from debilitating IBS or SIBO symptoms. With IBS nutritionist, Carol Guizar, you will discover foods that trigger symptoms, explore non-food interventions may be helpful, and determine a plan to manage symptoms if they do occur.

A life with less food and digestive worries

You may be wondering if this package is for you. Do any of these scenarios sound familiar?

  • IBS symptoms seem to be dictating your life and getting in the way of socializing
  • You’re tired of eating a limited number of foods
  • You’re living on Miralax or Imodium and want to discover your dietary triggers
  • You’re nervous about experimenting with new foods
  • You’ve tried the low FODMAP diet on your own, but have no clue how to handle reintroduction
  • You want to consider non-diet interventions before embarking on the low FODMAP diet

An IBS nutritionist can help

Because food is just one aspect of IBS management, Carol considers the whole person and not just the diet. You will explore non-food interventions and lifestyle factors that may influence symptoms, including anxiety, stress, food fears and beliefs, and overall eating patterns. Carol utilizes her intuitive eating background to encourage you to become more attuned to your body’s physical and emotional needs.

If you choose to undertake the low FODMAP diet, working with a dietitian specializing in IBS ensures that you implement the diet properly, and work through the protocol as efficiently as possible. Carol will guide you step-by-step through each phase of the diet so we can alleviate symptoms and reclaim your gut health.

Work with Carol

Because treating gut issues is complicated and treatment is highly individualized, Go With Your Gut is offered on a session-by-session basis at a pace that makes sense for you. Use the contact form below to get in touch.

Sessions in-person or virtual.


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IBS nutritionist, Carolina Guizar, considers non-diet and diet interventions in IBS management.