Latine Project

As a Latina dietitian and daughter of Mexican immigrants, I understand the difficulties that many in Latine communities face and set out to spread the message of Health at Every Size and intuitive eating to Latine communities.

Alongside my therapist colleague, Melissa Carmona, we created a 12-week, self-paced online course called Food and Body Image Healing for Latines with the aim of alleviating the suffering brought on by food preoccupation and body dissatisfaction.

Our goal is to shed light on the oppressive qualities of diet culture, and its impact on Latine communities in the United States.

We provide evidence-based health information and encourage self-exploration for Latines in search of the meaning of physical and mental health, taking into consideration systemic and individual limitations, and personal desires.


Online Course 

Intuitive eating can open the door to healing your relationship with food and your body, but this eating framework was conceived with many privileges in mind and can often leave out Latines.

We have adapted the principles of intuitive eating for Latine populations, taking into account the cultural considerations and systems of oppression that Latine communities face.



We challenge the dominant culture’s belief that health is determined by weight and diet alone, that health is easily accessible, and that engaging in certain behaviors is a moral obligation.

Health is nuanced, complex, and deeply personal. Systemic and social injustices create barriers to health for Latine communities. Unrealistic beauty and health standards alienate Latines, and further oppress these communities by promoting specific aesthetics and eating expectations that are unattainable for many and may not fully align with an individual’s personal values.

Every Latine is entitled to their own definition of health free of judgment, and to live free of the oppression of food and body shame.

For more information, visit our online page.