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Carol is an NYC food service consultant and dietitian whose passion is to help others discover good food and connect with the joy of eating. To improve patient and customer food experiences, Carol accepted a position in the food service department at Montefiore Medical Center located in the Bronx, New York. She continued her work at God’s Love We Deliver, a non-profit delivering food free of charge to New Yorkers with serious illnesses. Carol helped update the organization’s nutrition standards and worked closely with the culinary team to ensure new recipes aligned with these standards.

Carol now offers her consulting services to restaurants and other institutions. Peruse the options below to find your perfect fit.


Need to reach an audience interested in tasty dining options? Have a food product you would like to promote? Eathority will photograph your food items and broadcast them to her legion of food-focused Instagram followers.



Do customers ask for nutrition details? Unsure how much sodium is in a serving of your soup? Eathority will analyze your recipes, allowing you to communicate nutrient and allergen information with confidence.



Want to make sure your nutrition messaging is scientifically valid? Eathority will research your nutrition questions, ensuring your messaging is sound and your customers are properly informed.



In need of help with recipe testing and formatting? Want to know a recipe’s nutrient information so you can adjust it along the way? Eathority will assist you in any step of the standardization process to ensure you have the most streamlined, accurate product possible.



Stumped for menu ideas? Need input on food trends or want to enhance the healthfulness of your menu? Eathority will provide individualized guidance as you develop a new menu or recipes.



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Eathority’s up for it.

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