Gestational Diabetes

"With gentle guidance, gestational diabetes doesn't have to be overwhelming or confusing. I'll be by your side every step of the way."

Carolina, Gestational Diabetes Dietitian


One-on-one support with a gestational diabetes dietitian

Gestational diabetes sucks. It seems so random and annoying.
Maybe a part of you thinks you caused it or wonders if you could have avoided it.
Maybe it runs in the family.
Or maybe you blame the simple foods you ate at the beginning of your pregnancy - the only foods that seemed appetizing in the first trimester.
I completely get it. Gestational diabetes happened to me and it left me spinning.
After working through some sadness and fear, I got to a place of acceptance.
I found a way to work with food and my body to keep my baby healthy.
But I couldn’t do it alone.
Even though I’m a dietitian who works in type II diabetes, I had no clue how to navigate gestational diabetes on my own, as there are key differences in blood sugar goals.
So I hired my own gestational diabetes dietitian who supported me through and after birth.
She provided gentle guidance, compassion, and a nonjudgmental approach.
Most of all, she was a partner and witness in my pregnancy journey.
And that’s what I’ll offer you - partnership and guidance as you learn to move through this phase of your pregnancy journey.

How a gestational diabetes nutritionist can help

With my guidance, I will help you navigate the following:
  • Putting together meals and snacks that are nourishing and satisfying
  • Eating with flexibility and incorporating your favorite fun foods, such as sweets
  • Understanding which foods raise blood sugar and how to eat to keep them in range
  • Strategies for lowering blood sugars when they are out of range
  • Working through food fears and frustrations
  • Moving away from labeling foods as good/bad
  • Addressing body image concerns
I’ll also be there after your baby arrives, because gestational diabetes anxiety can linger and impact your relationship with food and your body well into your fourth trimester.

Meeting Frequency

We will meet by secure video every two weeks for 6 sessions.


$1350 for one 90-min initial assessment and five 45-minute follow-ups.

Sliding Scale

A limited number of sliding scale rates are available for BIPOC folks who demonstrate financial need. At this time, all sliding scale slots are full.

Virtual Sessions

Meetings take place via secure video --- no travel necessary.

Appointment Hours

  • Tuesday-Thursday: 8am-7pm
Carolina Guizar is a virtual dietitian nutritionist for gestational diabetes. This photo depicts a calendar graphic.

Book Now

To begin your gestational diabetes journey together, click on the link below.

Please note: a credit card is required to book your first appointment. Cancellations and reschedules must be made 72-business hours in advance to avoid a full fee charge.

Intake forms must be completed at least 72-business hours in advance or the appointment slot will be cancelled.

General FAQs

As a Health at Every Size (HAES, pronounced hayz), I am not focused on your weight as a health indicator. I also view food in neutral terms - not as something that is good/bad or healthy/unhealthy. Food is just food, and foods serve different nutrient or emotional purposes.

What I am interested in is your relationship with food and your body, and supporting you to develop peace in these relationships.

I am also interested in helping you define health and healthy in ways that feel supportive and helpful for you.

In the context of gestational diabetes, a HAES approach helps you develop a flexible, non-punishing approach to eating and moving your body (if movement feels accessible at this phase of your pregnancy).

Instead of viewing food as something that needs to be labeled "good" or "bad", I can help you develop a gentler approach so that food doesn't feel like your enemy.

We will meet for six sessions over the course of your final trimester. 

Sessions take place by secure video.

During the first session, we will discuss your eating history, how you feel about food and your body and any other relevant information you feel comfortable discussing. Depending on what your concerns are in session, you decide what manageable goals you want to set for the following session.

In follow-up sessions, we will begin any nutrition education you are interested in learning and how you can incorporate small changes into your life. We will also discuss any successes or challenges since the previous meeting or any topic that feels pressing to you that day.

Several insurers have recently decreased their reimbursement rates for dietitians. Because of this, I have made the difficult decision to stop accepting insurance. 

I offer various package and payment options that we can discuss.

Please contact your insurer to inquire about out-of-network coverage using the questions in this out-of-network form. I will provide you with a superbill after each session to submit to your insurer for possible reimbursement.

Yes! If you want to get to know me and my style, single initial consultation sessions are available. 

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