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The Doughnut Project Review

Doughnut Project Review

Have you ever encountered a health professional who blogged about donuts in a positive light? I haven’t. I see plenty of articles that villainize sugar and sweets and claim they are “addictive”, which is not true (more on that in a future post). This might be one of the few posts out there that encourages you to eat donuts. If you’re in the mood, that is. But not just any donuts. Like really good ones. Continue for a short, but sweet The Doughtnut Project review.

Not all donuts are created equally

I tried Dunkin' Donuts once in the past six months and the donuts were honestly meh. All air, not much bounce. Bland. You may have a different opinion, but I’ve definitely been spoiled by the abundance of artisanal donut spots in NYC. One of them is The Doughnut Project, located on a picturesque side street in the West Village. I have no clue how I found this place, but I did, and the Bacon Maple Donut called to me that day. Actually, it sang. And the first few bites were heavenly. Law of diminishing returns eventually kicked in, but that first encounter is forever seared into my brain.

But aren't donuts bad for you?

This question brings me to this post. Why is a dietitian encouraging you to eat a food that is frequently on the “no” list? Because all foods can fit into a balanced diet. In intuitive eating, donuts are categorized as a play food, and you have permission to eat these types of foods whenever you like. You are not “bad” for eating them. The truth is your body won’t crave them daily (*see below for an important side note), so unless you have a medical issue with an ingredient in the donut, you don’t have to fear it will harm you, even if you have a condition like diabetes. The occasional donut will not make you gain weight and it will not clog your arteries. If you overeat more than your body actually wants, you might not feel physically or emotionally great, but just learn from the experience and move on.

That special something

So, why The Doughnut Project? It isn’t your standard donut shop. This place serves up unconventional flavors and combinations that truly delight the taste buds without being overly sweet. They’ve perfected their dough, which is yeasty and springy. The first bites have that WOW factor that make you happy to be alive, and grateful to live in a place where people prioritize creativity in their food. You can’t go wrong with any of them, so just pick one based on the flavor profile you like and make sweet food love to that doughy creation. #donutworrybehappy

Important side note

If you're in the early stages of intuitive eating and are giving yourself unconditional permission to eat all foods, you may crave previously restricted foods more than you think is healthy. This is perfectly normal and not unhealthy long-term. Your body doesn’t yet trust that it has access to this food whenever it wants, that it won’t be restricted as it has been in the past. You will eventually get habituated to the food, so that it tastes a little less special because you’re having it so frequently. Over time, the trust builds and the cravings dissipate because the body relaxes and knows it truly can have that food whenever it wants. It doesn't need to overeat for fear the food may one day disappear. For help with your intuitive eating journey, packages are available here.

The Doughnut Project Review

Location: 10 Morton Street, New York, NY 10014

Menu: all-day

Service: N/A

Price: $

Vibe: grab-n-go or hangout while you nibble

Good For: scratching the itch for something sweet; office parties and birthdays

Standout Donuts: Bacon Maple Bar, Those Beetz are Dope (my fave!), Blueberry Yuzu, Everything Donut, PBJ 2.0

Heads Up: These donuts are really special, so sit down, enjoy each bite and tune in to see when you’re satisfied and/or full.

For IBS-ers, if you can tolerate flour, give these a try (unless your symptoms are set off by higher fat foods).

Overall Rating: 4 (Amazing). As far as donuts go, these are to die for. Seriously.

Eathority Approved Eats

Menu Item Intuitive Eating
Gentle Nutrition Tips
Donuts with filling Heavy, filling These are incredibly satisfying donuts, but fairly rich. Check in with yourself midway to figure out if it still tastes good and if you’re satisfied or full. If you aren’t satisfied or are still hungry, keep eating!
Standard round donut In-between
Bacon Maple Bar Heavy, filling

Ratings Key

(sans tips, alcohol)
$ = $15 and under
$$ = $15-$30
$$$ = $30-$55
$$$$ = $55 and over
Intuitive Eating Rating
Foods recommended for your mood or how you want to feel

Light, airy = makes you feel buoyant
Heavy, filling = makes you feel comforted, warm
In-between = makes you feel neither light nor heavy

IBS Rating
*  IBS-friendly
+  Mostly IBS-friendly, one item may be moderate or high FODMAP
Overall Rating
(value, taste)
1 = Meh
2 = Good
3 = Awesome
4 = Amazing



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